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Tradedoubler is one of the pioneers in affiliate and performance marketing operating in over 30 countries worldwide.
Tradedoubler launched in Stockholm in 1999, taking its inspiration from US dotcom companies at a time when Google was still run from a garage in California. In affiliate marketing programmes Tradedoubler saw the potential to create a virtual meeting place for advertisers and web publishers and a new form of marketing and commerce based on shared knowledge and connections.
After the bursting of the original dotcom bubble, Tradedoubler continued to grow across Europe and beyond, providing crucial revenue streams for an ever-increasing number of web publishers and a profitable channel for offline retailers looking to grow sales online. Our success has always been based on the clear, compelling value of our pay-for-performance model: an opportunity for businesses to drive sales and for publishers to earn revenue based on the results they deliver.
Tradedoubler was listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange, Stockholm in 2005, following six years of continuous growth. Our affiliate network has grown every year since 2001, and today we work with over 140,000 active publisher websites in over 30 countries worldwide. In August 2011, Tradedoubler was voted the Number 1 preferred affiliate network in Europe in an A4U survey of over 1,000 affiliate publishers, who rated networks on the quality of their merchants and advertisers as well as the reliability of tracking and payment platforms.
Tradedoubler has never stopped innovating when it comes to leveraging the value of affiliate marketing programs and affiliate marketing technology for business. We continue to break new ground in areas such as mobile affiliate marketing and the use of affiliate networks to meet a range of performance marketing objectives in addition to sales. Our market-leading suite of affiliate technology solutions helps advertisers worldwide to track, optimise and integrate their performance marketing activity.
Tradedoubler today is built around two main areas of business:

  • The business network: through which it operates as an independent third party, arranging adverts and campaign space among advertisers, media agencies and its unrivalled network of websites/publishers.
  • The technology platform: an advanced proprietary advertising solution that connects traffic and transactions across advertisers, website publishers and agencies. This technology solution is licensed to some of Tradedoubler’s largest clients so they can manage, or part-manage their digital marketing activities in-house.
We believe in developing strong relationships with our clients and focus on delivering customised solutions based on individual client objectives.
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