CCA Recruitment

“We are passionate about delivering a recruitment process which delivers the very best talent. A candidate experience that enhances your brand and a selection process which ensures those who are successfully appointed align to your company’s culture and values.”

What makes CCA an effective recruitment partner?

Network Reach - our established industry networks and relationships  offer you access to talent not found through direct sourcing methods

Reputation - when engaging the market we respect, value and protect your reputation and brand

Industry Knowledge - our consultants focus on specialist disciplines, providing recruiters with deep market knowledge

Support - we deliver a supportive and professional candidate experience, regardless of outcome

Market Intelligence - the candidate market is in constant flux. We spot these changes first, so you’re always in pole position

Tradition and Technology - we incorporate ‘traditional’ people-focussed recruitment with up-to-the-minute multi-media technologies

Coverage - thanks to our numerous channels-to-market (inc: database, online, social networking communities and existing relationships), we already know someone in most organisations to start our networking process