A1 Pharmaceuticals Plc

  • Units 20/21 Easter Park Ferry Lane South Rainham Essex RM13 9BP, Rainham, Essex RM13 9BP, United Kingdom
  • www.a1plc.co.uk


For over 25 years A1 Pharmaceuticals Plc has been successful by creating extra profit Opportunities for pharmacists throughout the UK. A1 Pharmaceuticals Plc is now the leading name in the supply of discounted surgical dressings and medical devices in the EU (European Union).

The product range includes major branded surgical dressings manufactured by large international companies eg Smith&Nephew and Systagenix, as well as our successful A1 own label range eg crepe bandages and surgical gloves. Other product categories include ostomy, colostomy, diagnostics, syringes, dermal fillers, nutritional drinks and branded EU parallel imported pharmaceuticals.

EU Parallel imported pharmaceuticals are branded pharmaceuticals manufactured by major international companies eg GlaxoSmithKline which are sourced in one EU country eg Spain where they are cheaper and sold to another EU country eg UK at a discount to our pharmacy customers.

We offer extra profit opportunities to pharmacies and other pharmaceutical wholesalers throughout the EU on a wide range of branded surgical dressings, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Key to our success is a fast and reliable service within a friendly and professional business environment. A speedy service with an extensive range of products, lower out-of-stock levels, and more unique profit opportunities for our customers than any other short-line and discount pharmaceutical wholesalers enables A1 Pharmaceuticals Plc to consistently out perform their competitors.

Across the range our prices are lower than our rivals, with better availability and wider choice. Our discounts start at a minimum 12 percent compared to the industry standard maximum 10 percent discount, and can be as high as an incredible 60 percent.

Because we were founded and are led by a pharmacist, we are dedicated to both the professional of pharmacy and the industry it supports. We scientifically monitor delivery times and out of stock levels to ensure that we are achieving the efficiency and standards required by our customers.