Employer First

  • Nottingham, NG7 2NR, United Kingdom

Employer First is a not-for-profit company offering impartial support and brokerage services to Low Carbon SMEs looking to train their people and recruit skilled staff to support business growth. The Low Carbon sector is very dynamic and broad; you may be part of it!

What we offer:
Our Skills Diagnostic helps you to determine where investment in training and recruitment should be made to achieve the greatest returns. As a recruitment agency specialised in the sector, we will source the right people for you. If training is needed, we will find the best deal for you thanks to our impartial network of local training providers.
We are a membership organisation, so if you become a member, you’ll get all those services at a discount!

We are even more than that: our main purpose is to devise new skills solutions (training, apprenticeships) in consultation with you, the employer. As a membership organisation and by working together with like-minded businesses we give you the influence over the planning and delivery of training in the sector. Practically, you can make an impact on which courses are offered in colleges and universities, so that the pipeline of young talent is actually fit for the jobs you have in your company.