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Masaryk Mining & Construction Co,Ltd is one of the independent Mining and Construction companies in Europe.Our services are designed to meet the unique and diversified needs of our clients because We understand that every client's need is different. That's why we compiled a team of professionals to provide services as wide as our clients' needs.
Below is a list of the services we provide:
Our Services:
Construction Management Services
Building Construction/Renovations
General Contractor/Mining
Feasibility Study
Pre-construction Services
Road Construction
Bridge Construction
Errotion Control
Dredging Services
Real Estate Development
Masaryk Mining & Construction Co,Ltd, require the services of construction & Mining workers from every part of the world, we seek reliable and oriented candidates with or without Mining & construction experience for an Immediate placement.
We require qualified Blaster, Equipment Helper, Panel Operator, Winch Driver, Shift Supervisor, Underground Blast man, Account Officer, Drill Machine Operator, Drill Electrician, Underground Shift Boss, Senior Drilling Engineer, Mine Captain, Project Secretary, Chief Metallurgist, Underground Mine Planning Engineer, Mechanical Supervisor, Under Maintenance Superintendent, Financial Controller, Driller, Riggers,Hydraulic Engineer,Hydraulic Supervisor, Electrical Engineer, Administrative Executives, Geology Project Managers, Accountants, Environmental Experts, Office Assistants, Civil Engineers, Electricians, Carpenters, Plumber, Drivers,Computer Operators, Telecoms Administrator & Network Engineer Plant Start up, Machine Operators, Construction Engineers ,Installation Experts, Drilling Services, Civil Engineering, Architect Engineering, Marine Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electronics Telecommunication Engineer, Surveying Engineer, Aerospace Engineer, Financial Experts,Automobile Engineer, Pipe Construction & Design Engineer,
We provide permit and flight tickets for all hired candidates, we also provide accommodation, medical care, transportation and feeding throughout the contract terms.
Interested candidates are to forward resumes/CVs to :( )as word attached document for assessment and possible consideration of job.
Yours recruiter
Mr.Tim Macron  HR.
Tel 057 515 6086
@Masaryk Mining & Construction Co,Ltd,
177 Masaryk Plaza,Tarkwa.
PMB 215 Accra North.Ghana.