Acqua Dolce

The team at Acqua Dolce Limited has over 30 years combined experience as Domiciliary Care Providers and care sector Recruitment Consultants.

Acqua Dolce Ltd is an international recruitment company specialising in European nurses seeking employment in the UK.

To make the best of these opportunities you need to understand all the procedures, all the regulations and present yourself in the best possible way to the UK employer.

What you need is information – and this is where you find it!

This is where Acqua Dolce can help you the most.  We are not just an employment agency handling jobs – we are a unique source of information, advice and counselling to candidates thinking about working abroad.

Acqua Dolce Kent, UK
Full time
Do you have a driving licence?  Is your English to a good conversational standard? Would you like to be independent in your working day, travelling around a limited area looking after elderly people in their own homes? Would you like the idea of building up a relationship with your clients, becoming an essential part of their daily lives? This company will provide you with full training, accommodation (which is free for the first 2 months) and a car. You are paid for the time you spend with clients and for the time travelling between them in the form of a fuel payment. There are many other benefits offered by this employer including a guarantee of a minimum of 140 hours per month (more hours are available if you want them) and career progression opportunities through various levels of seniority.