Agincare were proud to mark our 30 year anniversary on Friday 23 September 2016, with a celebration at the Portland-based head office attended by local staff and other representatives from the community who work with us. There was reflection on the growth and development stages of Agincare from the very first care home Derek Luckhurst, Founder and Chairman, opened in Weymouth in 1986, to the current group structure, which in 2016/17 sees a budgeted turnover of £56m across a wide range of service provision and local authorities and a team of 3,000 staff. The success of Derek as an entrepreneur and business leader was highlighted by both Richard Drax, MP, and Raina Summerson, Group CEO, who noted not only his achievements with Agincare but with his other business interests and more recent work on a visionary community regeneration project in the Castletown area of Portland.

The success and sustainability of Agincare was attributed to this tenacity and business leadership but also to the fantastic teams who work across the groups, sharing a passion and commitment to social care, a strong sense of fun, whilst enjoying the fantastic opportunities for career development and the sense of teamwork present in this still family-owned business.

'We celebrate 30 years of Agincare in our fantastic head office location, overlooking amazing community regeneration work driven and personally funded by Derek, seeing a nationally recognised and respected business employing circa 3000 staff and delivering essential care services to many, many thousands of people across the country, a business recognised as one of the highest growth and sustainable businesses in the South and the largest health and social care employer in Dorset; an essential contributor to the county’s current and future economic growth'