Dev Ops Engineer

  • CV-Library
  • Bodmin, UK
  • 14/02/2019

Job Description

We are currently recruiting for a Dev Ops Engineer for our well known IT systems client based in Bodmin. Main Purpose of Job A key role within a growing dynamic DevOps team within a large NHS system supplier Operations Department currently undergoing development of a new hosted infrastructure stack which services UK wide NHS clients. Primary task will be working with the other members of the DevOps infrastructure and application team to develop the CLOUD hosted solution alongside Engineering, Software and support teams to specific contract SLA and assurance requirements. This will also include secondary platform development and integration for threat protection and vulnerability scanning tools throughout the infrastructure and the management application stack of Prometheus, Graphana and Elasticsearch with our existing in-house product and technology teams. This position is office based at our Bodmin campus nestling within the glorious Cornish countryside. The successful candidate must have experience, training or knowledge as appropriate listed below. Knowledge & Skills Our client is currently interested in the following technologies:  Cloud General o OpenShift/Kubernetes o OpenStack/KVM o Ansible o Consul  Security o Vault o Nessus o ClamAV  Linux o RHEL o CentOS  Cloud Visibility o Elasticsearch o Logstash o Kibana o Prometheus o Graphana  CI Pipeline o Jenkins o Blue Ocean o Spcewalk o SonarQube o GITlab o NuGeT Within the successful candidate we are looking for some or all of the following technical skills:  Linux (RedHat(RHEL), Ubuntu, CentOS, SUSE) configuration and networking experience - Commercial 1-3 years’ experience  Experience working using the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack  Excellent knowledge of programming languages (preferably PHP and/or C/C++) and database systems (MySQL and/or PostgresQL)  Excellent knowledge of HTML and CSS  C  Python  Prometheus Scripting Language PromQL  Elasticsearch scripting language Painless/QueryDSL  GO  YAML  Java  Ruby  JSON  Perl  ZFS filesystem  Previous experience of enterprise datacentre monitoring and alerting  Solid ability to troubleshoot a variety of performance issues and other problems, from slow disk response to running out of file descriptors.  Strong understanding of init scripts, creating new filesystems, /proc and other sysadmin essentials.  Experience with monitoring. Prometheus, Graphana and Elasticsearch experience is a huge plus, but experience with other major cloud monitoring systems will suffice.  Must understand creating monitors, setting thresholds and sending notifications.  Experience with any metrics application, such as RRDTool, Cacti or MRTG.  Able to troubleshoot network problems from the system perspective, such as identifying dropped packets or high latency that traces back to a particular network device. Ability to capture and analyze network traffic across a particular interface is a big plus.  Familiarity with SNMP. Understanding of how to use snmpget and snmpwalk and work with the output.  Ability to work closely with development and support groups to define new monitoring needs  Experience using Git revision management system One or more a bonus but not essential:  Any security experience or certifications  Cloud enterprise management certifications  Previous knowledge of NHS clinical systems  Configuration and administration of Nessus Professional  Experience managing and mitigating common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE)  Integration of Nessus Vulnerability and patch scanning with cloud stack.  Familiarity with Enterprise class Anti-virus solutions and management environments  Familiarity with Knowledge of DevOps continuous deployment technologies such as Kubernetes, docker, Ansible, Kiwi, Terraform  General understanding and experience with enterprise availability, management service methodologies such as BCDR, Capacity and configuration management. At Interview we are also looking for the candidate to display the following qualities:  Good organisational and self-management skills  Good written and verbal communications skills  Ability to work under pressure and to deadlines  Interpersonal effectiveness - ability to work and communicate within a team  Good analytical and problem solving skills  Self-perseverance and motivation  Enthusiasm to learn and absorb new information  Academic confidence in reading and math.  Strong work values, positive attitude, dependability, honesty and self-confidence  Commercial awareness a bonus specifically if within the public sector but graduate candidates will be considered.  Previous experience of dealing with clinical safety would be highly advantageous. Problem Solving Problems addressed involve the interpretation of cases and evaluation of requirements, requiring constant interaction with colleagues across Departments and contracted service providers. There is a requirement to devise solutions involving some originality, drawing both on procedures and acquired knowledge and skills, mostly in response to demands of others. Judgement & Decision Accountable for ensuring that developed solutions and equipment meets design criteria, in line with performance indicators, quality standards, statutory regulations, and to agreed timescales. Contacts Internal contact is a key feature of the job involving the post holder in liaison and consultation with other personnel and managers across the Company. Most solution development within the company follows a ‘Lean and Agile’ methodology, which places particular emphasis on good communication within a close team. Custodial Responsibility Responsible for any computer systems/equipment used or evaluated and for maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of patient information that may be encountered. Other duties Employees may be required to undertake tasks that the management considers are within their capabilities, even though the task may be outside their normal duties