Jana Krkoskova

  • Senior Programme Manager
  • London, UK
  • 15/04/2019
Full time Customer Service Finance General Business Management Strategy-Planning

Work Experience

Senior Digital Commercial Programme Manager
Jan 2016 - Vodafone Group

Review and analyse company insights as well as determine weak areas for improvement.
Deliver exceptional customer service and engage 40 plus stakeholders across different
markets to ensure seamless working operations. Enhanced NPS across 13 markets by delivering exceptional services. Deliver executive reporting to summarise progress and fill
gaps. Lead stakeholder management across entire markets for best practise sharing. Increase
learnings from external best practices by observing market trends.
Key Contributions:
* Drive the customer experience program across 20 countries by making engagements
and assuring markets value and willingness.
* Delivered Innovation Lab project for customer experience area by cooperating with Accenture and identifying innovations.
* Improved NPS across 13 markets and 17 markets significantly TNPS.

Delivery Management Specialist, Technology Enterprise Services
Jan 2013 - Jan 2015 Vodafone Spain, Madrid

Streamlined and simplified new financial processes for continuous productivity.
Provided training to two new staff members within the team to support business. Delivered
technical and process solution for post-merger network and product integration. Established
successful engagement of key internal and external stakeholders. Organised international
workshops to set clear expectations of key deliverables. Developed and executed new
financial processes to simplify budget control procedure. Forecasted and managed budget of
€ 60M including identification and resolution of variances. Designed analytic model for explaining dependencies and main drivers with financial control mechanisms.
Key Contribution:
* Minimised time to deal with monthly financial cycle by 50% and the accuracy of billing
improved to deviation of only 5%.

Senior Project Specialist, Sales
Jan 2010 - Jan 2013 Vodafone Czech Republic

Led project designing and employment from sales channels perspective for all communications to channels and performance management.
Completed different projects, such as CRM/HR system, first consumer contract offer, and
security project for data protection. Designed and implemented certification process and mystery customer surveys to identify weak areas. Examined and improved agent's
performance by creating sales dashboards and provision systems.
Additional experience as Transfer Pricing Consultant at BDO International and Project and quality manager at Eficia

Business Analyst
Jan 2015 - Jan 2016 Unified Communications

Supported growth of fixed-mobile convergence by focusing on service processes across markets.
Organised and assisted workshops for seven markets to devise design improvement
strategies with focus on cost reduction. Minimised execution time and improve customer


experience by making guideline and schedule. Helped four markets with 12 plus
stakeholders by entering convergence business to produce project plan, cover capabilities, and prioritise phasing.
Key Contributions:
* Launched regular robust Executive reporting reflecting fixed and converged business.
* Established best practices for service delivery and installation with focus on customer
experience improvement and monitored of root causes for major issues.


Master Degree in Business Administration - Business Administration
University of Economics